Career Advice From Toronto-based Recruiter Michael Allemano

Apple’s profit margin on the iPhone is 40 percent, and at a cost of 9 per unit, the company rakes in 0 per unit in pure profit. Let’s do the simple, eh em, arithmetic: 240 times 200 million equals billion.

Coupled with the low number of home sales, is the report out by business insider that the shadow inventory of homes not on the market is back to levels not seen since the housing crisis began.

The plan: What can you do to avoid feelings of being useless? Volunteer someplace, start a business, help raise grandchildren? Make a plan that will keep you from these feelings.

While his company, Ty Inc. is headquartered in in the Chicago suburb of Westmont, Warner is established in Oak Brook. Until he is sentenced, he will be free on bond and will be able to travel internationally.

Suggestion- anything you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. It comes from the outside. For example, a child learns to walk because he sees his parents walk. She learns to talk because she hears others talk. He gets ideas from books when he knows how to read.

So, apart from the digital camera and it being slimmer (which are a nice additions, but not a sport-modifying), it sounds like the iPad 2 will be to the iPad 1 what the iPhone 3GS was to the iPhone 3g. That is, a more quickly, a lot more polished supplying.

In his new book called “Top of the Morning,” Brian says that Anne was not good at her job and really has nothing nice to say about her. He says that “Good Morning America” started beating out the “Today” show after 15 years and is even blaming part of it on Anne Curry and how well she did on her job.