Chelsea Clinton Apartment In New York: Chelsea Buys $10.5 Million Home

In the chart below you can see how much pending inventory is waiting to flood the market. The total supply of 6.3 million units has returned to the worst levels of 2008. And that doesn’t even include delinquencies of less than 90 days, which would push the shadow inventory up to 7 million.

Boredom — Many boomers worry about being bored in retirement. This is especially true for those who feel they don’t have enough money to travel and do fun leisurely things after retirement as they had planned to do. Just sitting around the house and puttering doesn’t do much for the busy boomer looking toward retirement.

Be humble. Don’t go after the money, instead go after the training. You’re a sharp and highly educated candidate, but you still have a lot to learn! Realize this at a young age and you will be miles ahead of your peers.

Bess Levin of Dealbreaker comments: Also hotly anticipated- what DC will wear to the appearance. When we first laid eyes on the analyst as she was being escorted by the cops out of her building over a year ago, Chiesi was sporting wet hair and an oversized sweater.

We must understand that Kerry is not a scientist, and that many scientists say there is no such thing as global warming, as the government and John Kerry are trying to sell us. Let us remember that Kerry is a liberal Senator, and the Huffington Post is a liberal website.

There you have it, love is love no matter what darkness may hide in the infinitely small amount of people that are wired incorrectly. Good will always out weigh the bad no matter how heinous the act. There will always be more willing to help than there are people causing trouble. What do you think of Patton Oswalt’s post? Do you agree?

If you like to worship success and root for failure, Apple is your company. Many journalists and bloggers are slamming this company thinking iPhone 5 will bankrupt the organization, yet have to type away on their Macs, iPads and iPhones to tell us about it. Yeah, it’s getting that extreme. Henry Blodget from business insider is even saying Amazon is about to take over as king of high-tech, high-fun products.

It is a complete waste of everyone’s time when a candidate does a job board blast, sending their resume to dozens of companies for roles that they have not carefully read. Take your time and be selective. Read the job requirements carefully, and then tailor each resume, cover letter, and introductory email to the role. The person reading your profile will be much more responsive if they feel like you took the time to do your research and say something that helps you stand out. If you’ve done this and you haven’t heard back, be persistent. Follow up with a phone call and stay on top of them.