Christmas Time – What Did You Ask For?

‘Beardo’ is Broc Verschoor and ‘Dreads’ is Hans Hokenson, both are 25 years old and are from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Both men are married, Verschoor is a photographer and Hokenson is a stay-at-home dad.

Maybe Apple has the intention to improve the iPhone market share. Flash is a cross-platform technology, means it can also be used in iPhone app. If Apple has made the decision, some advantages and disadvantages must be taken into consideration seriously. For example, whether Flash will shorten the battery life, the cross-platform app will improve Apple’s share or reduce the share.

Yep, billion in profit will hit Apple’s bottom line between the roll-out date (expected to be Friday, September 21st) and December 31st of next year. To compare, Apple will have billion hit its bottom line this year from iPhone sales.

The business insider Sports Page comments: With nothing to play for and coach he was openly feuding with, Brett Favre’s path to staying in the NFLseemed blocked at every turn. However, by firing Brad Childress the Vikings eliminated one of those obstacles.

Of course, mommies and daddies are sure to pick them up on Christmas morning and give them a try if for nothing else than to step back in time to a memory long, long ago.

Forbes disagrees with Perot’s allegations, claiming that Cuban has increased the team’s value from 0 million to 8 million. Mark Cuban, who bought the team in 2000, is rumored to be worth .5 billion himself.

The plan: Take care of your health now. Eat right, exercise, get regular checkups, avoid long term medications if you can. Only you can do this, no doctor or medical professional can help you be healthy, the power is in your own hands.

Remember to interview them as well. You want to make sure that you truly want to work for this company; meaning you agree with their policies and corporate culture. Take in the “vibe” that hits you when you first walk in the office. Can you really see yourself working here for the next 3 to 5 years?