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Fans in Portland, Ore. can tune into VHI and MTV for videos and exclusive interviews with Beyonce on Comcast Xfinity “On-Demand.” Local menu listings in Portland provide dates and times.

Of course the most effective ad campaigns have music in them. Better yet a smart company pays Drake a few millions to rap about Sprite in one of his songs. Let’s talk shortly about the types of suggestion and then we will get back to the powerful role music plays in suggestion.

According to business insider, each person will spend an average of .00 on greeting cards, .00 on flowers, .00 on Christmas decorations, and .00 on food and candy. The site also states that family members aren’t the only one’s consumers buy for during the holidays. An average of .00 is spent on friends, .00 is spent on co-workers, and .00 spent on other gifts for people.

Autosuggestion- is automatic. It is a suggestion from the subconscious mind that flashes to the conscious mind in the form of an image of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling or word symbols. It is deeply imprinted on the subconscious mind through suggestion or self-suggestion.

Why is it that people stress over Christmas gifts? Have you ever considered the amount of money people spend on Christmas every year? Think about this for a minute – presents aren’t the only thing that consumers buy at Christmas.